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Quieter Neighbourhoods

We’re working with residents to make their streets quieter and safer. By introducing a range of measures like lower speed limits and encouraging drivers to show consideration to pedestrians, we can help build respect for the areas where we live and where our children play.

Making sure everyone benefits

Enfield is undergoing considerable change. Cycle lanes are being added to some major roads, other streets are being converted into pleasant routes for us all to enjoy, and town centres are benefiting from a series of enhancements.

The improvements we could make

There are a number of ways we can make residential areas feel quieter and safer. Below are just a few ideas:

  • Continuous footways over road junctions, encouraging people to consider pedestrians;
  • One-way streets and junction narrowing, discouraging cut through traffic
  • 20mph zones, slowing down traffic
  • Traffic filters, helping cut down on speeds
  • Road markings around schools, making people more aware of children nearby. 

The process we’ll follow

We’ve divided the borough into a number of different neighbourhood areas. Our next steps are:

  • Carry out traffic surveys so we can understand how traffic moves through each area
  • Understand residents’ concerns about traffic in their neighbourhood through the residents perception survey (we know some of the issues, but this is an opportunity for all residents to have their say)
  • Arrange for engineers and road safety specialists to consider both traffic and perception surveys and then start to draft designs
  • As area designs are developed, hold a consultation period to give residents the opportunity to have their say on the proposals.
  • Consider any feedback on the plans and develop final designs
  • Complete the works and bring improvements to neighbourhoods.

If you have previously contributed to a Quieter Neighbourhood workshop, please be assured that the views and ideas shared at these events will also contribute to the development of the designs.

When will work begin?

We are now starting our first series of Quieter Neighbourhoods. We’ll be grouping neighbourhoods together to help us manage the broader impact of changes. We’ll drop flyers through residents’ doors when individual areas are being considered.

  • Continuous Pavements

    Continuous Pavements

  • Filtering


  • One-way Streets

    One-way Streets

Some of our FAQs

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