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Following a recent takeover, Enfield's dockless operator Urbo announced they are withdrawing from all London operations. The first months of the dockless trial have shown a growing demand for affordable access to short bike rides so Enfield Council is looking to confirm a replacement dockless operator in the near future.




Enfield now has a dockless bike hire scheme to support short local journeys. Since February, riders have covered over 3,000 miles across the borough, with trips averaging 2.2 miles in 14 minutes. There are currently 125 bikes available, a number that will increase with demand. Each bike hire is 50p per 30 minutes and we currently have £1 introductory memberships (plus the first 5 rides are free).

How does it work?

The bikes are completely digitally operated and easy to use - either locate an available bike with the ‘myurbo’ app or walk up to a bike and scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it. At the end of your journey, simply park the bike on its side-stand and click the lock back into place.

Where can I ride the bikes?

Dockless works all over Enfield. To minimise disruption, we have allocated over 30 virtual ‘Dockless Bike Parking Zones’ near transport interchanges and town centres, for the bikes to be collected from and returned to. The number of Zones will increase as the scheme progresses and locations will be tailored to fit demand based on user data gathered by our operator.


To find out more, visit www.myurbo.com






Forty Hall and Estate bike hire

Free bicycle hire is available from April to September at Forty Hall and Estate. Photo ID and a credit card are required to borrow the bikes, but the hire itself is free. Use the bikes to explore the Forty Hall Greenway, an off road path through the estate to Hilly Fields and beyond. Three adult and three junior bicycles are available. To book a bicycle in advance call 020 8363 8196.



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