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A1010 North Scheme

Here you’ll find updates on construction work along the route. To find out more about the background of this project view the A1010 North Plans page.

View the plans here

Keeping you up-to-date

Closure of Ordnance Road

Works have now been approved for the wider A1010 North scheme. From Wednesday 18th September 2019 until the end of November, Ordnance Road will be closed at the junction with Hertford Road. Access in and out will be via Mollison Avenue.

The letter to residents regarding the closure and works is available here.


Have local schools been informed of the road closure?

Our contractors Public Liaison Officer has contacted schools to communicate details of the road closure. They are available for further discussion / visits as required.

How will buses be diverted?

The 121 is the bus route that will be impacted by this closure. London buses have put publicity information at the relevant stops and added further details on the diversion on their website – the latest updates can be found here.

How will traffic be diverted?

Access in and out of Ordnance Road will be via Mollison Avenue, this diversion route is signed on street.

How will emergency vehicles access Ordnance Road and off streets?

Emergency vehicles will access Ordnance Road via Mollison Avenue.

Why has the work been scheduled outside of school holidays?

Where possible, major works are scheduled in holiday periods. However, a series of works are needed to deliver this project, which included the full closure of the A1010 at the Nags Head junction. The impact of these works was even greater than the Ordnance Road closure and therefore this work was conducted over the summer holidays.

Why are the works occurring?

These works are part of the A1010 North Cycle Enfield project. Cycle Enfield is a long-term programme to enable more people to choose active travel for their daily journeys. More information on the Cycle Enfield project can be found here.

Will I be able to access my property in a nearby street?

Our contractors will look to maintain access to all areas, but the route to get to individual properties may vary.

Can the access gate on Ashton Road be opened?

In some locations around the Borough there are roads that are closed off with a gate. When temporary road closures are put in place, the opening of these gates can be a potential option. However, these gates have typically been put in place to prevent vehicles rat-running through residential areas. Opening these gates as a diversion route can then result in a large volume of often inappropriate vehicles using these streets. Therefore, this option is not typically taken from the very start of a road closure and is a decision that is kept under review throughout the closure period. Typically, the first few days of any closure result in the most disruption, which then recedes as alternative routes across the wider area are selected.

Nags Head Junction

Works commenced on site on the 22nd July with the setting up of three way lights and the closure of the High St (A1010 North of Nags Head Junction). The junction reopend on the 2nd September with a switch over to 4 way lights. This work to upgrade the junction has been approved by Council and is separate from the A1010 North Cycle Enfield scheme. The council is of the view that these junction improvements bring stand-alone benefits.

Bus routes are now running to the normal schedule with the exception of the 377 bus. This bus will remain diverted until 17th November 2019. Route 377 is diverted from Great Cambridge Road at Lincoln Road, via Great Cambridge Road and Southbury Road both directions. A map of the diverted route is available here. Buses will not serve stops on Lincoln Road or High Street, Ponders End.

The junction has now reopened to motor traffic. Works are still ongoing on footways. Resurfacing and line marking will occur at a later date.

The notification of works letter delivered to residents in the area is available here.

There will be a temporary night closure in pace to undertake resurfacing works of the High Street/Nags Head Road/Southbury Road junction from Monday 7th October to the morning of Saturday 12th October. The closure will be in place from 21:00 to 5:00 each night. The letter delivered to residents is available here.

The following week there will be a temporary night closure to undertake resurfacing works of High Street Hertford Road between Nags Head Road and Broadlands Road. Durants Road, Brecon Road and The Ride will also be closed at their junctions with Hertford Road. The point no-entry on Durants Road at Colmore Road will be lifted temporarily to allow access. For the purposes of access to Brecon Road and Tenby Road, the usually locked emergency access gate will be opened for the duration of the resurfacing works so that access via Aberdare Road is possible from Southbury Road. The closure will take place from 21:00 hours until 05:00 hours on consecutive nights from Monday 14th October to the morning of Saturday 19th October 2019. The letters delivered to residents are available here and here.


Help with enquiries

From Monday – Friday between 09:00 – 17:00, Katy Davies, the Public Liaison Officer is available to discuss any construction related queries on 07714 295 768 or

If you have a more general question about Cycle Enfield then use our contact page to get in touch. If your enquiry is about the Beryl Bikes, please contact the Beryl team at


Minimising Disruption

We know construction can be disruptive. While there are times when it’s unavoidable, we’re working to make the process more manageable. We have explained the ways we’re working in this minimising disruption PDF guide.