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We’re making improvements to our neighbourhoods and town centres, creating an environment where many more of us can walk or cycle every day.


Over the coming weeks and months construction will start around your area. Even though we plan carefully to minimise inconvenience, there could be disruption to your regular routes, so please bear with us whilst we work to make our borough better for everyone. You can see some of the things we’re doing to minimise inconvenience here.


Please note this page will be updated as work progresses on each of the respective schemes.  

Ringway Jacobs have appointed a Public Liaison Officer, Rilwan Oshingbade,to assist with any enquiries related to construction, he can be contacted directly on cyclenfield@ringwayjacobs.com


If you have an urgent out of hours please call 0844 967 1611 and the team will try to assist wherever possible. Please be aware that non-urgent issues may be redirected to Rilwan to address during normal office hours.

The A105 Cycle Enfield project has been approved for implementation. Construction will now take place over the coming months. The plans will be implemented in a series of phases. Works will be carried out by Ringway Jacobs Ltd on behalf of Enfield Council.

Green Dragon Lane to York Road

Most substantive work is complete.

Borden Avenue to Walnut Grove

Work on the new brick planter has been completed and will be planted shortly. The crossing adjacent to Regency Court is now open.

Sainsbury's junction

Most substantive work is complete.

Station Road / Ford's Grove roundabout

The construction of the brick planters is now complete. The tree pits have been dug and are ready for the arborist for planting when appropriate.

Church Street junction with Bush Hill Road

Most substantive work is complete.

Lodge Drive to Osborne Road

The CCTV column at the junction with Fox Lane has been installed and is awaiting connection. We are continuing to work on the footway and cycle path between Devonshire Gardens and Lloyds Bank towards Aldermans Hill. We will also be working on the southbound footway with the construction of the cycle lane. Work on the footway to the western side of Fox Lane / Devonshire Gardens has been completed. We will soon to the opposite side of the road and work towards Lodge Drive. Work will be undertaken under lane closures and, when required, two way lights. The surfacing between Hedge Lane and Fox Lane was completed last week under night-time closures. The crossing adjacent to Windsor Road was also opened. Siemens are programmed to start on site shortly with a commissioning date for the new signalised crossing expected to be Friday 15 September, weather permitting. 

Radcliffe Road to Riverbank

Work is continuing northbound between Sherbrook Gardens and Green Dragon Lane. We have started work on the new bus build out and final drainage works. Southbound we are now working towards the shops from Elm Park Road under multi-phase lights.  The new planter is awaiting planting. The island at Firs Lane is awaiting landscaping and tree planting. Surfacing is scheduled, subject to weather conditions, to take place from the week commencing 11 September.

Bush Hill to Essex Road

We are working on the final section in front of the parade which should, weather permitting, be completed within the next week. Upon completion of this work we will start work on the final bus stop and the junctions with Lincoln Road and Village Road under multi-way lights. The remaining surfacing will be split into two sections.

Oaktree Avenue to Highfield Road

The surfacing between Barrowell Green and the entrance to Sainsbury’s is now complete. We are currently completing work on the junction with Barrowell Green and will move to the final bus build-out later this week. The remaining section of surfacing is scheduled, subject to weather conditions, to be carried out in the week commencing 18 September.

Compton Road Junction

The majority of the lighting columns have been relocated and are connected. Final connections will take place shortly. Work towards Queen’s Avenue on the opposite side of the road to the island is ongoing. Queen’s Avenue is scheduled to be closed from 11 September for the construction of the build outs.

Ecclesbourne to Aldermans Hill

Work on this section is substantively complete with the exception of the crossing by the Shell garage which has been installed and is awaiting connection by UKPN.

Bourne Hill junction with Hedge Lane

Work is expected to start in October.

The Triangle

Access to Aldermans Hill from and to Green Lanes has now been closed as per the schedule. Streetlights are being disconnected and removed. Additional work to improve footways on the southbound side has been completed and a bus shelter installed. Tree pits have been excavated and area awaiting planting. Work on the kerb line, ducting and tactile paving has been installed. Paving to the centre island has been completed.   The gas leaks unrelated to the Cycle Enfield scheme have now been resolved and work has now started on the last bus build out and towards the Inn on the Green. A large amount of footway has been reopened to the public 

Palmerston Crescent

Most substantive work is complete.

Awaiting decision on whether to proceed to implementation.

A1010 North Corridor Scheme

Why are we doing this

Visit the Project Page

Awaiting decision on whether to proceed to implementation.

High Street – Work at the southern end of the High Street incorporating access works to the Electric Quarter development and pipe installation for energetik’s (http://www.energetik.london/) community heat network to help minimise overall disruption across this busy construction phase has now commenced. The challenging reconfiguration of the Derby Road junction is now substantively complete and the junction has been reopened. The remaining works on the High Street north of the park will continue until the end of November 2017 but will have a lower impact on traffic. Some block paving work remains and we are currently excavating the new parking area.

Work on the second roundabout is now underway. Work to install specialist kerbing has now started. Pedestrian crossing points have been completed and reopened. Some footways have been completed and reopened to the public.

Queensway - Associated works have recently been completed in Queensway to improve pedestrian access to the new school.

A1010 South – Work to construct the second bus build out is now complete and work on the third bus build has now started. The Belisha beacon, lamp column and central island on the zebra crossing adjacent to Orchard Road have been removed enabling construction work to continue.

National Grid has confirmed they may require several weeks to resolve issues with the gas bypass.

Awaiting decision on whether to proceed to implementation.

A1010 South Corridor Scheme

Why are we doing this

Visit the Project Page

Awaiting decision on whether to proceed to implementation.