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A1010 South Project

Here you’ll find updates on construction work along the route. To find out more about the background of this project view the A1010 South plans page here.

Keeping you up-to-date

Help with enquiries

If you have an urgent concern with construction works you can call our contractor on 0844 967 1611 (this number is available 24 hours). Please be aware that non-urgent issues may be redirected to the contractors Public Liaison Officer to address during normal office hours.

During normal working hours, Katy Davies, the Public Liaison Officer is available on 07714295768 or

If you have a more general question about Cycle Enfield then use our contact page to get in touch.


Minimising Disruption

We know construction can be disruptive. While there are times when it’s unavoidable, we’re working to make the process more manageable. We have explained the ways we’re working in this minimising disruption PDF guide.

Overview of major works

To help communicate the temporary traffic management arrangements (which includes diversions) we have put together a document which includes the details and timeframes associated with the key junctions – view the details in this PDF guide.



Ongoing work

Nightingale Junction / Galliard Road

Nightingale Road and Galliard Road have been open for some weeks now and are operating as normal. The footway works are complete but we are investigating some footway improvement works outside Saint Alphege Church. The additional directional arrows (line marking) on Nightingale Road have now been installed.

Sutherland Road Junction

We will be installing cycle slabs at the bus stop. Once these are installed the work at this location will be complete.

St Joseph's Road

Work is complete on the bus border build-out adjacent to Houndsfield Road. The kerb line and drainage in Houndsfield Road is also complete including the rain gardens and the final section of surfacing. Benches have been installed as well as new wands outside the grocery store. BT have now completed their works.

Balham Road

The final section of footway and cycle path has now been completed. The buff surfacing of the cycle lanes has begun and will be completed soon.

Edmonton Green Roundabout

Works on the southbound footway on The Broadway from the pedestrian crossing outside St Modwens have now been completed except for the area around the JC Decaux telephone kiosk, which is planned to be removed.

Sebastopol Road

BT are currently working at the junction. Works are ongoing on the south section between Park Road and Brettenham Road for the new cycle path. Works have begun from Sebastopol Road heading north towards Edmonton Green. Paving along the new kerb line has commenced. Works between Plevna Road and Osman Road are substantially complete with the exception of the buff surfacing on the cycle lane. Works continue on the south side of Osman Road and are constructing the cycle path heading towards the bus stop. This stop will be closed on Monday night 18 March (Stop G) for the surfacing of the cycle lane. Works also continue outside the Police Station towards the bus stop where a section of kerb has been laid, ahead of constructing the cycle path. This bus shelter has also been moved. Bouygues will look to complete their works over the next couple of days.

Bury Street / Rosemary Avenue Junction

The Bury Street junction has been commissioned and is now open. Works adjacent to the large grocery store were completed before Christmas. Paving works adjacent the Church were completed last week and opened to the public. On the South-Western corner the new kerb line has been installed. Paving works continue on the South-Eastern corner.

Croyland Road

The traffic signals at Bounces Road have been decommissioned and replaced with three-way temporary lights, closing access onto Croyland Road from Hertford Road. Traffic is diverted via Balham Road. Works continue further up at the new bus stop adjacent to St Edmund's School. The new kerb line has been broken out with the new drainage installed and the fitting of new kerb lines has begun. We have laid the kerb line up to the Bounces Road junction. The surfacing of Bounces Road is now complete. To the south of Croyland Road, the new rain garden adjacent the new cycle path has been constructed and the kerb line outside ‘Kings’ grocery store has been taken up and re-laid. Transport for London started on site on 1st March.

Smythe Close

We are currently working on constructing the cycle path and paving works. The kerb line on the Northbound side has been repositioned to stop buses coming into contact with the mature trees. Works continue on the park side of The Broadway up to Bridge Rd junction. The new kerb lines and islands have been constructed and the cycle lane brought up to base course level. Work is substantively complete on the Northbound side, except the buff surfacing of the cycle lanes which will be completed at a later date.

Planned work

Hertford Road, Monmouth Road to Bury Street

The last part of line marking is planned to take place during the day time this week, not under a road closure.

Croyland Road

From the 31st January 2019 until mid-March 2019, Croyland Road will be closed at the junction with Hertford Road. Access in and out of Croyland Road will be via Balham Road.