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A1010 Ponders End to Freezywater

This route will provide safe access for people on bikes to the many shops and local amenities, from Ponders End to Freezywater.

Route Details


This is the northern section of the proposed route that will run along the A1010, running north from Southbury Rd to Freezywater.

Public transport is relatively poor in this part of Enfield, however in many wards up to 50% of households do not own a car (ONS, 2015). This route is being proposed, so that local residents have a safe and easy way to make local journeys to school, work or to the shops. 

Safe and continuous cycle tracks will run along the whole route, safe crossing facilities will be provided for cyclists of all abilities at the major junctions. Improvements will be made to local high streets along the route. Along with our proposals to slow traffic speeds and reduce through traffic, these improvements will ensure this road becomes one that is enjoyable to walk and cycle along.

The detailed plans for this route will be drawn up during 2015. Please sign up to our mailing list on the home page, if you would like to be alerted when the detailed plans for this route are ready. Consultation for this route is likely to open in spring 2016. 

Route Map

  • Proposed
  • Under Construction
  • On Road
  • Segregated Cycle Track
  • Off Road Cycle Track
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