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A110 including Enfield Town

This cycle route will provide safe and convenient access to Enfield Town for people on bikes. The whole route will run East / West across Enfield through Enfield Town.

Route Details


The A110 runs east/west through Enfield from Waltham Forest and into Barnet. The proposals for this route are to provide safe space for people on bikes to make quick and direct east/west journeys. Approaching Enfield Town along the A110 from both directions, the route will provide space for cycling that is physically separated from traffic, so that it is safe and comfortable to use for everyone regardless of age, gender or ability

Church Street in Enfield Town is an important part of this route. Currently a busy through route for a high volume of traffic, there is an opportunity to make Church Street a more pleasant place for people to spend time in. A number of options for this route are being considered, and they will be presented for comment during the public consultation later this year. 

Your views are important. If you support the proposal for this route, or if you have any concerns, then please take part in the public consultation which will commence in Autumn 2015. The detailed plans for the route will be available during the consultation period. 

Route Map

  • Proposed
  • Under Construction
  • On Road
  • Segregated Cycle Track
  • Off Road Cycle Track
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