21 Jul 2017   ·   Cycling News

Dockless bike sharing

Dockless bike sharing, one of the best recent innovations to help people use cycle power more often in their daily lives, is being introduced in the UK and you may have recently seen some dockless bikes appear in Enfield.

Particularly popular in China, dockless bike sharing schemes, which are designed so a rider does need not return the bike to a specific location but leaves it in an appropriate place and the next rider then finds it using a bike share app, are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

In Enfield we support a wide range of initiatives to encourage more people to get cycling. Dockless bike hire is a new innovation and we’re order tramadol online from canada actively exploring how this technology could be used in the borough in the future. These schemes have real potential to make cycling more accessible for many more people and Enfield Council is looking to work with dockless bike operators to ensure that these bikes work for all residents and don’t have a negative impact on other cyclists, road users and pedestrians. The company trialling the scheme in Enfield has agreed to remove their bikes from the borough while a wider conversation takes place around how technology and future partnerships can help us to support more people to cycle.