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Featured question: What is the schedule for the A1010 North scheme?

We don’t currently have a schedule for the implementation of the A1010 North scheme as this needs to go through due process. It is unlikely for any implementation to happen on the North scheme until completion of the A1010 South scheme which is due to run into next year.


Are refuse trucks allowed to park in the cycle lanes?

Council maintenance vehicles, including refuse trucks, are allowed to enter the lanes but only where necessary to complete their duties and not simply to drive or park. If you see any vehicle that is not using the lane appropriately please do let us know via the council’s report it function on the website www.enfield.gov.uk.

We are also discussing with colleagues ways which may allow for collections such as these to take place outside of peak commuting hours.

What is a “Dutch Reach”?

This is a term for the recommended way to exit a vehicle. Rather than opening a vehicle door with the hand nearest the door, you open it with the other hand which means you automatically turn your body around and can see if there is an oncoming car, cyclist or pedestrian.

Why do you teach children to cycle on the roads – isn’t that dangerous?

All children have to be able to ride reasonably well before they take the on-road course, but once they are ready to ride on the street it is better for them to be accompanied while learning. The locations chosen for cycle training do need to reflect the actual circumstances on the street so that the training is relevant.

Who is responsible for cycling infrastructure on the North Circular?

Transport for London manages the North Circular. They can be contacted here.

Who is responsible for cycling infrastructure on the Great Cambridge Road?

Transport for London manages the Great Cambridge Road. They can be contacted here.

Where are the plans for the A105?

You can see the plans here.

Where are the plans for the A1010 South?

You can view the plans and a map here.

My bus stop on the A105 used to have a “electronic countdown” on it – what is happening to that?

“Countdowns”, which show passengers how long it will be until the next bus on their route, will be replaced at all stops that previously had them. Transport for London is responsible for these devices.

Do the Cycle Hubs have charging points for electric bikes?

The hubs currently open do not include charging points but this is something we are looking at for future parking to see how feasible it is and what demand there would be.


What are you doing to stop illegal parking in the lanes?

Once lanes are fully opened we can and do issue penalty charge notices to drivers parking illegally. In the first six months since opening the A105 route, 165 penalty charge notices were issued for being parked in the cycle lane or overstaying in parking spaces, this is in addition to a number of warnings to drivers

Is it true that Cycle Enfield has won awards?

Yes – we were named Best New Cycle Project by the London Cycle Campaign and also the Sustainable Mobility Award by the London Sustainability Exchange.

Can you make the signs on the lanes bigger or different to grab people’s attention?

The signs we use are from the Transport Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2016. We have to do this to ensure that the signs we place on the highway are compliant with regulations.

Do you run second-hand bike markets?

We run second-hand bike markets occasionally. You can find out if there is currently one planned on our events page.

Does a cyclist have to stop at a bus boarder?

If pedestrians are getting on or off a bus then they have priority at these locations. Cyclists must give way and be courteous to pedestrians as the more vulnerable road user. This does not however necessarily mean that the cyclist must stop. When no bus is at the bus stop pedestrians should stand clear of the cycle lanes.

How do I report cars illegally parked in the lanes?

In the first instance please report that here. Please be aware that this does not mean that we will be able to deal with every incident but it does allow us to create a wider picture of where limited enforcement resources should be best located.

How can I report litter in the cycle lane?

For any issue of litter or if you believe a lane needs to be swept please report that here.

Are there plans to update your online Route Map?

We are currently looking at this and hope to have an updated version online soon.

What was the result of the Bury Street West consultation?

You can read headline details of the Bury Street West consultation here.

What was the result of the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood consultation?

You can see read the headline results of the Fernleigh Road consultation here.


Is there a map of cycle parking in Enfield?

We currently have a draft version of such a map which shows all the council stands and some (but not 100% ) of stands on private land. We have plans to make this map publicly available online once details have been confirmed but I don’t have a specific date for this as yet.


What happened to the dockless bikes?

Urbo, the company providing our dockless bikes, decided to withdraw from the London market as a whole. This was a business decision made on their part alone during a change in ownership and had nothing to do with the Council or Cycle Enfield. You can read Urbo’s statement here We are in discussions with other suppliers to replace them.

Can you put a cycle lane in on my road?

We schedule work such as this in phases and the current phase includes all work until 2021 so if you live on a road which has not been included in the plans we won’t be installing , however after that we will be looking at phase 2 and would welcome input into where people believe additional lanes may be required.


Why are there not signs on the new lanes telling cyclists which direction they should be going?

Once complete. all the lanes have direction of travel signs  on them at regular intervals. The signs we have used are from the Transport Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2016, to ensure that they are compliant with regulations.

What are Quieter Neighbourhoods and when will they happen?

We’re working with residents to make their streets quieter and safer. By introducing a range of measures like lower speed limits and encouraging drivers to show consideration to pedestrians, we can help build respect for the areas where we live and where our children play.

We will engage with each neighbourhood asking residents what they think should be done and then we will put together plans incorporating residents’ feedback where practical and will consult with residents and businesses to find out their views on the plans. You can find out more here.

I know you offer training for cyclists but what about for drivers?

To complement our cycle skills sessions, Cycle Enfield offers Safe Urban Driving training for professional drivers operating in Enfield.

Developed by Transport for London, this is an accredited Driver CPC course designed to promote the safety and sharing of roads with vulnerable road users in London with a particular focus on cyclists. Workshops are aimed at all drivers of vans and Large Goods Vehicles who operate in, or pass through Enfield.

You can find out more here.

When is your next Dr Bike maintenance session?

We run a number of events every month across the borough – you can find out which is best for you here

I think my bike might need a repair – what should I do?

We strongly encourage everyone using a bike to make sure that it is safe and suitable for use. You can take it to one of our free Dr Bike sessions where trained mechanics can fix minor problems or you can attend one of our cycle maintenance courses to learn the skills yourself.

I am disabled so can’t cycle – why is there nothing for me or others like me?

There is! Cycle Enfield wants to ensure everyone in the community has the chance to cycle regardless of age, training or ability. That’s why we run Inclusive Cycling sessions – you can find out more here

I would like to get back into cycling but am a bit wary of going out by myself at first. Can you help?

We offer various training opportunities at all levels but if you have recently taken a course but just feel as if you need a friend nearby on your first few rides you can always book on one of our guided Sunday rides.

I have seen the new lanes but am not sure if I am confident to use them yet. Can you help?

We offer guided rides along the opened sections of the cycle lanes to help you gain confidence and also to answer any questions you may have on how to use them. You can find out more about these rides here

I can already cycle but haven’t for a long time – can I get refresher training?

Our cycle training can offer courses for people at all levels from absolute beginner up to instructor level. Take a look at the different options or if you are not sure what would suit you best contact us and we will get the right person to contact you back.

My child’s school doesn’t offer cycle training – why not?

Cycle training is available for schools on request. Ask your child’s school to contact us and we can discuss the different options.

My child is under 10 – do you arrange training for younger children?

We offer group training during school holidays for children under the age of 10. We advertise upcoming courses here or alternatively follow us on Twitter or Facebook (@CycleEnfield) or subscribe to our newsletter.

We would like to book cycle training as a family – can we do this?

We offer family cycle training to adults and young people aged 10 and over. It allows you to gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family. Your instructor will tailor the session to your requirements. Trainees must register to book a session. Find out more here

Can I book cycle training on a one-to-one basis as I am not keen on training within a group?

One to one training is available to adults and young people aged 10 and over. Whether you’re a first time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, an instructor will tailor the session to suit your individual abilities and goals. Find out more here

Do you offer cycle training?

There are opportunities for training for riders of all ages and abilities. We provide free, tailored courses to suit your individual abilities and goals. Check out the different training events to see what’s available.

It’s OK having the new lanes but what about making sure people know how to use them?

Cycle Enfield takes the education of all road users extremely seriously and this forms part of our overall strategy and budget. We run guided rides along the A105 to show people how to use the new infrastructure. In addition, in 2017 alone, we ran training sessions for over 3,500 residents, both children and adults, in which road safety rights and responsibilities formed an integral part.

I have some questions about the new Ponders End layout – is this related to Cycle Enfield?

We recognise that the new layout at Ponders End is different from what was there before which is why we have created a FAQ sheet just for this section.

How many journeys have been made by bike on the A105?

The latest monitoring figures available are for the full month of July 2018 and relate to the Palmers Green area.  These showed that there were 12,317 bike journeys.

Can the cycle journeys counters distinguish which direction a cyclist is travelling?

The current system shows the number of cycle journeys but does not show the direction of travel. This is consistent with other journey monitoring loops such as those on roads which track the number and type of vehicle rather than the direction of travel.

How accurate are the cycle journey counts?

Because of the use of the electromagnetic technology and algorithms within the system, the accuracy of the system is 95%+.

How do you know that the cycle journeys counters are not counting buggies, pedestrians or anything else that is not a cycle?

The technology contains a number of different algorithms which mean that, for instance, if an individual on a wheelchair, mobility scooter or a baby buggies were to travel over the monitor, these would be ignored as the algorithms allow it to detect only the wheels of a bicycle.


How do you know if people are using the cycle lanes?

As part of the installation of the lanes we have installed the latest counter technology at a couple of locations which can count the number of cycle journeys. This is formed by an inductive loop being inserted 2 to 5 cm under the surface of the lane. Each time a bicycle goes over the loop, the system detects the electromagnetic signature of both wheels and registers a count.

What are the Cycle Hub membership Terms and Conditions?

A single membership will give you access to both Cycle Hubs; one bicycle can be parked per membership; cycles must display the ID tags provided; abandoned cycles will be removed.

Cycle Hub managers Cyclehoop reserve the right to remove a bike without notice for the following reasons:

  • No Bike Tag ID
  • Abandoned Bikes: bikes left in the Cycle hub for longer than 4 weeks
  • Non-payment of membership fees
  • Standard cycles parked in non-standard parking spaces
  • Bike causing an obstruction

If your bike is removed for one of the reasons above, you will be liable for a £20 removal fee. Bikes are stored for a period of 30 days from the day after the removal date. Any bike not claimed in this time-frame may be disposed of.

Your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the Cycle Hubs. We recommend you lock your bike using a heavy duty lock that is Sold Secure rated, as well as a robust chain or cable.

How can I keep my bike safe?

Lock your bike and any accessories to the racks provided inside any of the secure cycle parking provided by Enfield Council, whether Bikehangar or Cycle Hub (as drivers would lock their cars in a public car park). We recommend using a heavy duty lock that is Sold Secure rated, as well as a robust chain or cable.

How secure is the Cycle Hub?

The Cycle Hubs are covered by CCTV and lit at night, with glass walls providing both good natural lighting as well as excellent visibility and passive surveillance, increasing the security of the facility.

Who manages the Cycle Hub?

The Cycle Hubs are managed by Cyclehoop Ltd on behalf of Enfield Council.

How many bikes can park at the Cycle Hub?

Each hub provides cycle parking for 50 bikes, as well as space for 3 non-standard cycles like cargo bikes or handcycles.

What do I get as part of my Cycle Hub membership?

Membership gives you access for a year to secure cycle parking – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – at both Enfield Town and Edmonton Green Cycle Hubs for a £25 first year introductory rate.

How much does it cost to use the Cycle Hub?

Membership for a year of secure cycle parking costs £25 (first year introductory rate) and gives you access to both Cycle Hubs at Enfield Town Station and Edmonton Green Station.

How do I access the Cycle Hub?

Registered members access the Cycle Hub using a smart card. To sign up for membership (£25 first year introductory rate), visit the Cycle Parking page.

Where can I find the nearest Cycle Hub?

We currently have two cycle hubs: at Enfield Town Station and Edmonton Green Station.

What is a Cycle Hub?

The Cycle Hub is a secure covered glass and steel structure providing cycle parking at train stations and other key transport interchanges – open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members can make use of a bike pump and repair stand to keep their cycles ready to go.

The Cycle lanes don’t have double yellow lines so can I park in them?

No, the Highway Code clearly states that “You must not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation. Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You must not park in any cycle lane whilst waiting restrictions apply.”

The exception to this in Enfield is that Blue Badge holders are allowed to use the cycle lanes to pick up or drop off but not to park or wait.

I took part in a consultation, how can I find out the results?

Consultation results will be published on this website and the Council website once they are complete. We will also publicise the results of the consultations via our newsletter. You can subscribe to this on our homepage.

Why do some signalised crossings have pedestrian phases and others not?

We have introduced formal pedestrian crossings at signalised junctions where possible. Owing to the amount of traffic flow, it is not always feasible to have this facility at all crossing points without severely impacting the ability of the junction to operate. Bus journey times in particular are impacted. Overall, the scheme has introduced several new crossing points for pedestrians and upgraded others.  We will continue to look at ways of improving pedestrian access across the route.

How can I let you know if I think there is an aspect of the route that is not working?

If you have a comment about any aspect of the scheme or construction get in touch via our contact page.

I have a blue badge – can I park in the cycle lanes?

Blue badge holders can pick up and drop off in the cycle lanes but should not actually park in them. There are a number of dedicated disabled parking spaces along each of the routes so you can find out where they are on the individual scheme pages.

Is the work on the A105 finished?

Most work on the A105 is now complete, with the exception of the junction with Hedge Lane. The Council were waiting for the gas utility company to adjust a gas main in this area so works can be finished. This has now been completed and we aim to have the road resurfaced by the end of September 2018. As with any major project, there are a number ‘snagging’ items that are ongoing.

Why are cyclists still using the road if there is a lane for them?

We encourage every resident to use the new infrastructure, however they were built primarily to encourage those less confident in cycling who said to us that they wanted cycle lanes. More experienced cyclists are fully within their rights to continue to use the road if they prefer.

Can you cycle both ways on a cycle lane?

Cyclists should only use cycle lanes in the direction of travel shown by the on-lane markings of bicycles which indicate what the direction of travel should be. Put simply if a cyclist is travelling along a lane and the markings are upside down then they are not travelling the right way. Whilst some cycle lanes may have dual directions, in the case of the A105 each lane has a single direction of travel only which is in line with the carriageway adjacent to it, again put in plain English this simply means that you should travel in the direction you would if you were riding on the main carriageway.

What is happening at Bourne Hill junction?

A new gas pipeline needs to be installed by a utility company under the junction. Rather than have the newly resurfaced road dug up we waited to resurface the junction once the utility work is completed. We are planning to complete the resurfacing work by the end of September 2018.

What are the aims of Cycle Enfield?

There are two key aims for Cycle Enfield:

To help get more people cycling.

To enable more journeys to be made by bicycle.

Currently only 0.7% of journeys are by bicycle in Enfield. We would like to increase this figure towards 5% by 2020

What is the overall timetable?

Work is ongoing for the Enfield Town to Meridan Water quietway, and this is scheduled to open towards the end of this year. Our work on developing the network of Greenways will also be ongoing over the next five years.

Consultations on the major schemes will take place as follows:

– A105 – public consultation, starting summer 15

– A110 East / West (including Enfield Town) – public consultation, starting autumn 15

– Southern A1010 – public consultation, starting winter 15

– Northern A1010 – public consultation, starting spring 16

The intention is to implement all the final designs by the end of 2017.

How will I be consulted?

In addition to the recent series of exhibitions, there will further opportunity over the Summer to comment on some more detailed designs. We will then have a series of formal consultations that will focus on each of the major routes. The first one of these is the A105 route and this formal consultation will start following the summer exhibitions.

As part of this formal consultation, all households in the vicinity of the major routes and businesses along the route will receive information through their letterbox explaining the consultation process. However, residents and businesses across the Borough will be able to participate in the consultation process.

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