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Featured question: The Cycle lanes don’t have double yellow lines so can I park in them?

No, the Highway Code clearly states that “You must not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation. Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You must not park in any cycle lane whilst waiting restrictions apply.”

The exception to this in Enfield is that Blue Badge holders are allowed to use the cycle lanes to pick up or drop off but not to park or wait.

I took part in a consultation, how can I find out the results?

Consultation results will be published on this website and the Council website once they are complete. We will also publicise the results of the consultations via our newsletter. You can subscribe to this on our homepage.

Why do some signalised crossings have pedestrian phases and others not?

We have introduced formal pedestrian crossings at signalised junctions where possible. Owing to the amount of traffic flow, it is not always feasible to have this facility at all crossing points without severely impacting the ability of the junction to operate. Bus journey times in particular are impacted. Overall, the scheme has introduced several new crossing points for pedestrians and upgraded others.  We will continue to look at ways of improving pedestrian access across the route.

How can I let you know if I think there is an aspect of the route that is not working?

If you have a comment about any aspect of the scheme or construction get in touch via our contact page.

Is the work on the A105 finished?

Most work on the A105 is now complete, with the exception of the junction with Hedge Lane. The Council are currently waiting for the gas utility company to adjust a gas main in this area so works can be finished. As with any major project, there are a number ‘snagging’ items that are ongoing.

I have a blue badge – can I park in the cycle lanes?

Blue badge holders can pick up and drop off in the cycle lanes but should not actually park in them. There are a number of dedicated disabled parking spaces along each of the routes so you can find out where they are on the individual scheme pages.

Why are cyclists still using the road if there is a lane for them?

We encourage every resident to use the new infrastructure, however they were built primarily to encourage those less confident in cycling who said to us that they wanted cycle lanes. More experienced cyclists are fully within their rights to continue to use the road if they prefer.

Can you cycle both ways on a cycle lane?

Cyclists should only use cycle lanes in the direction of travel shown by the on-lane markings of bicycles which indicate what the direction of travel should be. Put simply if a cyclist is travelling along a lane and the markings are upside down then they are not travelling the right way. Whilst some cycle lanes may have dual directions, in the case of the A105 each lane has a single direction of travel only which is in line with the carriageway adjacent to it, again put in plain English this simply means that you should travel in the direction you would if you were riding on the main carriageway.

What is happening at Bourne Hill junction?

A new gas pipeline needs to be installed by a utility company under the junction. Rather than have the newly resurfaced road dug up we are waiting to resurface the junction once the utility work is completed. We are chasing the company for a completion date.

What are the aims of Cycle Enfield?

There are two key aims for Cycle Enfield:

To help get more people cycling.

To enable more journeys to be made by bicycle.

Currently only 0.7% of journeys are by bicycle in Enfield. We would like to increase this figure towards 5% by 2020

What is the overall timetable?

Work is ongoing for the Enfield Town to Meridan Water quietway, and this is scheduled to open towards the end of this year. Our work on developing the network of Greenways will also be ongoing over the next five years.

Consultations on the major schemes will take place as follows:

– A105 – public consultation, starting summer 15

– A110 East / West (including Enfield Town) – public consultation, starting autumn 15

– Southern A1010 – public consultation, starting winter 15

– Northern A1010 – public consultation, starting spring 16

The intention is to implement all the final designs by the end of 2017.

How will I be consulted?

In addition to the recent series of exhibitions, there will further opportunity over the Summer to comment on some more detailed designs. We will then have a series of formal consultations that will focus on each of the major routes. The first one of these is the A105 route and this formal consultation will start following the summer exhibitions.

As part of this formal consultation, all households in the vicinity of the major routes and businesses along the route will receive information through their letterbox explaining the consultation process. However, residents and businesses across the Borough will be able to participate in the consultation process.

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