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Are refuse trucks allowed to park in the cycle lanes?

Council maintenance vehicles, including refuse trucks, are allowed to enter the lanes but only where necessary to complete their duties and not simply to drive or park. If you see any vehicle that is not using the lane appropriately please do let us know via the council’s report it function on the website www.enfield.gov.uk.

We are also discussing with colleagues ways which may allow for collections such as these to take place outside of peak commuting hours.

Where are the plans for the A105?

You can see the plans here.

Where are the plans for the A1010 South?

You can view the plans and a map here.

What are you doing to stop illegal parking in the lanes?

Once lanes are fully opened we can and do issue penalty charge notices to drivers parking illegally. In the first six months since opening the A105 route, 165 penalty charge notices were issued for being parked in the cycle lane or overstaying in parking spaces, this is in addition to a number of warnings to drivers

What was the result of the Bury Street West consultation?

You can read headline details of the Bury Street West consultation here.

Why are there not signs on the new lanes telling cyclists which direction they should be going?

Once complete. all the lanes have direction of travel signs  on them at regular intervals. The signs we have used are from the Transport Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2016, to ensure that they are compliant with regulations.

I have seen the new lanes but am not sure if I am confident to use them yet. Can you help?

We offer guided rides along the opened sections of the cycle lanes to help you gain confidence and also to answer any questions you may have on how to use them. You can find out more about these rides here

It’s OK having the new lanes but what about making sure people know how to use them?

Cycle Enfield takes the education of all road users extremely seriously and this forms part of our overall strategy and budget. We run guided rides along the A105 to show people how to use the new infrastructure. In addition, in 2017 alone, we ran training sessions for over 3,500 residents, both children and adults, in which road safety rights and responsibilities formed an integral part.

How many journeys have been made by bike on the A105?

The latest monitoring figures available are for the full month of July 2018 and relate to the Palmers Green area.  These showed that there were 12,317 bike journeys.

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