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Where can I get a second hand bike?

We run second-hand bike markets occasionally. You can find out if there is currently one planned on our events page. We also recommend looking at websites such as Gumtree for second hand bikes.

Are there any bike share or dockless bike schemes in Enfield?

We are currently exploring the feasibility of bringing dockless bikes back to Enfield. From December 2018 until February 2019, Enfield Council staff will be trialling dockless pool bikes in partnership with London-based company Beryl. Following the trial we hope to work with Beryl to provide a dockless bike hire scheme to residents of Enfield.

We have had dockless bikes in Enfield in the past. In mid-2018 Urbo, the company providing our dockless bikes, decided to withdraw from the London market as a whole. This was a business decision made on their part alone during a change in ownership and had nothing to do with the Council or Cycle Enfield. You can read Urbo’s statement here.

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