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How many journeys have been made by bike on the A105?

The latest monitoring figures available are for the full month of July 2018 and relate to the Palmers Green area.  These showed that there were 12,317 bike journeys.

Can the cycle journeys counters distinguish which direction a cyclist is travelling?

The current system shows the number of cycle journeys but does not show the direction of travel. This is consistent with other journey monitoring loops such as those on roads which track the number and type of vehicle rather than the direction of travel.

How accurate are the cycle journey counts?

Because of the use of the electromagnetic technology and algorithms within the system, the accuracy of the system is 95%+.

How do you know that the cycle journeys counters are not counting buggies, pedestrians or anything else that is not a cycle?

The technology contains a number of different algorithms which mean that, for instance, if an individual on a wheelchair, mobility scooter or a baby buggies were to travel over the monitor, these would be ignored as the algorithms allow it to detect only the wheels of a bicycle.


How do you know if people are using the cycle lanes?

As part of the installation of the lanes we have installed the latest counter technology at a couple of locations which can count the number of cycle journeys. This is formed by an inductive loop being inserted 2 to 5 cm under the surface of the lane. Each time a bicycle goes over the loop, the system detects the electromagnetic signature of both wheels and registers a count.

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