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My bus stop on the A105 used to have a “electronic countdown” on it – what is happening to that?

“Countdowns”, which show passengers how long it will be until the next bus on their route, will be replaced at all stops that previously had them. Transport for London is responsible for these devices.

What are you doing to stop illegal parking in the lanes

Once lanes are fully opened we can and do issue penalty charge notices to drivers parking illegally. In the first six months since opening the A105 route, 165 penalty charge notices were issued for being parked in the cycle lane or overstaying in parking spaces, this is in addition to a number of warnings to drivers

Is it true that Cycle Enfield has won awards?

Yes – we were named Best New Cycle Project by the London Cycle Campaign and also the Sustainable Mobility Award by the London Sustainability Exchange.

Can you make the signs on the lanes bigger or different to grab people’s attention?

The signs we use are from the Transport Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2016. We have to do this to ensure that the signs we place on the highway are compliant with regulations.

Does a cyclist have to stop at a bus boarder?

If pedestrians are getting on or off a bus then they have priority at these locations. Cyclists must give way and be courteous to pedestrians as the more vulnerable road user. This does not however necessarily mean that the cyclist must stop. When no bus is at the bus stop pedestrians should stand clear of the cycle lanes.

How do I report cars illegally parked in the lanes?

In the first instance please report that here. Please be aware that this does not mean that we will be able to deal with every incident but it does allow us to create a wider picture of where limited enforcement resources should be best located.

How can I report litter in the cycle lane?

For any issue of litter or if you believe a lane needs to be swept please report that here.

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