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What is the schedule for the A1010 North scheme?

We don’t currently have a schedule for the implementation of the A1010 North scheme as this needs to go through due process. It is unlikely for any implementation to happen on the North scheme until completion of the A1010 South scheme which is due to run into next year.


What was the result of the Bury Street West consultation?

You can read headline details of the Bury Street West consultation here.

What was the result of the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood consultation?

You can see read the headline results of the Fernleigh Road consultation here.


What are Quieter Neighbourhoods and when will they happen?

We’re working with residents to make their streets quieter and safer. By introducing a range of measures like lower speed limits and encouraging drivers to show consideration to pedestrians, we can help build respect for the areas where we live and where our children play.

We will engage with each neighbourhood asking residents what they think should be done and then we will put together plans incorporating residents’ feedback where practical and will consult with residents and businesses to find out their views on the plans. You can find out more here.

Is the work on the A105 finished?

Most work on the A105 is now complete, with the exception of the junction with Hedge Lane. The Council were waiting for the gas utility company to adjust a gas main in this area so works can be finished. This has now been completed and we aim to have the road resurfaced by the end of September 2018. As with any major project, there are a number ‘snagging’ items that are ongoing.

What is happening at Bourne Hill junction?

A new gas pipeline needs to be installed by a utility company under the junction. Rather than have the newly resurfaced road dug up we waited to resurface the junction once the utility work is completed. We are planning to complete the resurfacing work by the end of September 2018.

What is the overall timetable?

Work is ongoing for the Enfield Town to Meridan Water quietway, and this is scheduled to open towards the end of this year. Our work on developing the network of Greenways will also be ongoing over the next five years.

Consultations on the major schemes will take place as follows:

– A105 – public consultation, starting summer 15

– A110 East / West (including Enfield Town) – public consultation, starting autumn 15

– Southern A1010 – public consultation, starting winter 15

– Northern A1010 – public consultation, starting spring 16

The intention is to implement all the final designs by the end of 2017.

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