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I know you offer training for cyclists but what about for drivers?

To complement our cycle skills sessions, Cycle Enfield offers Safe Urban Driving training for professional drivers operating in Enfield.

Developed by Transport for London, this is an accredited Driver CPC course designed to promote the safety and sharing of roads with vulnerable road users in London with a particular focus on cyclists. Workshops are aimed at all drivers of vans and Large Goods Vehicles who operate in, or pass through Enfield.

You can find out more here.

I think my bike might need a repair – what should I do?

We strongly encourage everyone using a bike to make sure that it is safe and suitable for use. You can take it to one of our free Dr Bike sessions where trained mechanics can fix minor problems or you can attend one of our cycle maintenance courses to learn the skills yourself.

I am disabled so can’t cycle – why is there nothing for me or others like me?

There is! Cycle Enfield wants to ensure everyone in the community has the chance to cycle regardless of age, training or ability. That’s why we run Inclusive Cycling sessions – you can find out more here

I would like to get back into cycling but am a bit wary of going out by myself at first. Can you help?

We offer various training opportunities at all levels but if you have recently taken a course but just feel as if you need a friend nearby on your first few rides you can always book on one of our guided Sunday rides.

I have seen the new lanes but am not sure if I am confident to use them yet. Can you help?

We offer guided rides along the opened sections of the cycle lanes to help you gain confidence and also to answer any questions you may have on how to use them. You can find out more about these rides here

I can already cycle but haven’t for a long time – can I get refresher training?

Our cycle training can offer courses for people at all levels from absolute beginner up to instructor level. Take a look at the different options or if you are not sure what would suit you best contact us and we will get the right person to contact you back.

My child’s school doesn’t offer cycle training – why not?

Cycle training is available for schools on request. Ask your child’s school to contact us and we can discuss the different options.

My child is under 10 – do you arrange training for younger children?

We offer group training during school holidays for children under the age of 10. We advertise upcoming courses here or alternatively follow us on Twitter or Facebook (@CycleEnfield) or subscribe to our newsletter.

We would like to book cycle training as a family – can we do this?

We offer family cycle training to adults and young people aged 10 and over. It allows you to gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family. Your instructor will tailor the session to your requirements. Trainees must register to book a session. Find out more here

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