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Code of conduct – Off-road

Enfield Council encourages cyclists, when riding off-road, to give priority to all other path users and follow the rules below:

      • People on bikes should restrict their speed to moderate levels and be ready to slow down or stop when other users are blocking the route ahead.
      • On bridleways, people on bikes should give priority to horses as well as pedestrians.
      • People on bikes should take particular care when passing horses, dogs or children, whose movements can be unpredictable.
      • People on bikes should always slow down and allow plenty of passing space when encountering vulnerable path users, such as those in wheelchairs or with order tramadol from mexico other mobility restrictions.
      • People on bikes should say "excuse me" or ring a bell to warn other users of their approach.
      • People on bikes should keep in mind that pedestrians on the path ahead may not be expecting them and may also have restricted sight or hearing.
      • People on bikes should show patience towards pedestrians walking in groups and should maintain a courteous and cautious riding style at all times.

Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, promotes a similar code of conduct for riding on shared paths, which be viewed on Sustrans website.

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