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A public right of way running away from the road is a footpath. Whilst it is not necessarily illegal to cycle on a footpath, cyclists do not enjoy the same automatic right of way afforded to pedestrians. Permission to cycle on footpaths can depend on the adjacent landowner, and if in doubt, cyclists should dismount and push their bikes along. Footpaths fall into one of three categories, with regards to cycling:

No Cycling Street Sign

    • Some footpaths feature No Cycling Signs (Sign B) at each end making if a specific buy genuine tramadol online uk offence to ride along them.
    • Some footpaths bear no signage. Cyclists who opt to use these paths do so at their own risk. You should always cycle slowly, give priority to pedestrians and be ready to stop and dismount if necessary to do so.
    • Some footpaths may bear signs giving the explicit permission of the landowner to allow cycling along them. Towpaths alongside canals often fall into this category.



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