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Planning your route. Group of cyclists in the park

Planning your route

When traveling by bicycle, it’s possible that the most comfortable route is not the same one that you might take if you were travelling by car or bus.

Enfield is developing a network of Cycle Routes that run through parks, along waterways and on quiet residential streets. The routes are ideal for people who prefer a more peaceful journey, or that are new to cycling and want to build confidence before cycling on busier roads.

Additionally, the Cycle Enfield programme aims to build cycle facilities on a number of main roads to make the journey safer and more pleasant by bike.

Online journey planners can help you find the best route from A to B, some have the option of picking between a quick or quiet route. Try Bikehub or Cycle Streets which are also available as smart phone applications.

Transport for London produce free cycle maps. Map number 2 covers Enfield and is available to order here.

Some of our neighbouring boroughs’ web pages have information on cycle routes that extend over Enfield's borders:



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