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Tips for drivers

If you haven’t used a bicycle on the road for a while it’s easy to forget how it might feel to be sharing the road with lots of traffic.   Please help keep everyone safe by following these tips for drivers:

  • Be ‘speed aware’ and slow down to overtake people on bikes.
  • Give adequate space when overtaking cyclists: at least a car’s width is recommended.
  • Keep advanced stop lines (ASLs) clear: it's safer to let a bike clear the traffic light before you move forwards. The ASL helps you do this.
  • Check for cyclists when opening your car door.
  • Check for cyclists when turning left and right.
  • Always indicate clearly and in plenty of time when you plan to turn.
  • Never use your mobile phone when driving.
  • Be patient and don't take unnecessary risks to get somewhere in a hurry.

Why are cyclists in the middle of the road?

Have a look at this video, it provides a useful insight into why cyclists are sometimes cycling in a very prominent position.

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