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Enfield Town & Southbury Road Exhibition

This exhibition was held at Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town, on Tuesday 17 February 2015 from 3-8pm.

This exhibition was an opportunity for members of the local community to provide their early comments, ideas and issues so that these can be incorporated into the preliminary designs. This will not be the only opportunity, read more on our main exhibition page.

How was the event advertised?

We advertised this exhibition through a range of different sources:

- Promotion on the Enfield Council website homepage.
- Promotion on the Cycle Enfield website.
- Newspaper adverts in the following local papers: Advertiser, Independent, Parikiaki and Londra (adverts were shown during both week commencing 26th January and 2nd February).
- Promotion through the Cycle Enfield social media channels (Facebook & Twitter).
- Notification via e-mail to those signed up to the Cycle Enfield Newsletter.
- Posters distributed to every school in the borough.
- Flyers distributed to 17 libraries, Civic Centre reception, the Dugdale Centre, John Wilkes House and Charles Babbage House.
- Article in ‘Our Enfield’ that is delivered to every home in the borough.

What happened at the event?

There were a series of displays providing more information about Cycle Enfield, including an overview of the different potential routes and further insight into the project stages and timescales.

Route Specific Maps

We also displayed opportunities maps which showed the areas relevant to this exhibition, you can download copies:

Enfield Town Opportunities Plan

A110 Opportunities Plan (Windmill Hill & Southbury Road)

Visitors had the opportunity to discuss what the scheme might look like with the designers and Council Officers. They were encouraged to stick different coloured post-it notes on the map to record their comments (yellow), ideas (green) and issues (pink). There were also A4 forms were people could provide more detailed observations.

What happens to all the comments?

We have recorded all the comments provided on the maps and transferred them into electronic format. You can  download these comments:

17th Feb Exhibition Comments

As the designs are developed, we will record an observation against each comment received to provide a record of how that comment has been considered. This record will also be available to view but not until we have completed the first design phase.

Cross Section Drawings

We also showed some cross-section drawings. The purpose of these was to illustrate how the available space could be reallocated to incorporate cycle lanes.

There were several cross sections boards that each displayed various ways in which the space could be used, these can all be downloaded to view:

Enfield Town Cross Sections

Cecil Road Cross Sections

A110 - Sothbury Road & Windmill Hill Cross Sections

What happens next?

Don’t worry if you missed this exhibition. There will be another A105 Exhibition event over the summer where you can have a further opportunity to influence the designs as they are developed.

Following these next round of exhibitions, there will then be a formal public consultation on the A105 proposals.

Can I still comment?

There will be another public exhibition in September - dates to follow soon, where the next stage of consultation will start.

Please also provide your e-mail below to sign up for the Cycle Enfield newsletter so that we can notify you direct about future events.