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Ponders End Project

Enfield Council is proposing a transformational change to the A1010 Ponders End High Street to provide more space and better crossings for pedestrians, reduce collisions and traffic dominance, create a more attractive street scene, give easier access for those on foot or cycle, and ease congestion at the junction with Derby Road.

Latest Update

This project has been approved for implementation. More details can be found on the construction page.

This Consultation is Closed

Closed Wednesday 17th August - Wednesday 7th September

The statutory consultation period enables any objections to the draft traffic management orders. All objections must be made in writing and state the grounds of objection. Objections can be submitted by the online form below or by writing to Traffic Team, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XY

You Said, We Did
Changes to the design as a result of the consultation

Key Issues
Council responses to key issues raised in the consultation

You Said:
We Did:
  • In the previous consultation, you said don't change the access to Derby Road from the high street. We have amended the designs to ensure access arrangements to Derby Road remain unchanged.
Consultation Issue:
Enfield Council Response:
  • Some people were sceptical with regards to how some of the more innovative aspects of the design might work, notably the new block paved roundabout style junction at Derby Road and the use of courtesy crossings. Additional traffic modelling has shown that the proposed junction will improve traffic flow through the intersection. A joint visit with design engineers in Bexley Heath to a new similar junction in their town centre provided assurance that a similar layout would work here. See the video at the bottom of the page to view a comparison of how the junctions work.

Key Dates

View past and present key dates for this scheme:

7 August 2014
Initial Community Engagement

Walkabout meeting along High Street with ward councillors and members of Ponders End Partnership to gather views and ideas.

Jan - March 2015
Preliminary Consultation

Presentation of outline proposals to Enfield Cycle Forum, Ponders End Partnership and Enfield Vision.

June/July 2015
Main Consultation

Drop-in sessions with business owners. Distribution of scheme leaflet to 5000 properties across the area. Further 3000 leaflets sent home with local school pupils. Manned scheme display in Tesco foyer 19 and 20 June.

Autumn 2015
Resolving Key Concerns & Providing Community Updates

Resolution of objection from Derby Road petitioners. (Proposal to restrict access from High Street to Derby Road abandoned.) Presentation of proposals to Ponders End Ward Forum, Ponders End Partnership and Enfield Cycle Forum. Further discussion of proposals with Enfield Vision and with ward councillors.

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