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Southbury Road Scheme

Following the consultation for this scheme, the designs for this scheme are being reviewed. Further updates will be provided in due course.

Key Dates

Consultation is Closed
Runs from 25 Sep 2015 to 18 Dec 2015

Business Exhibition | Thu 24 Sep 2015
Public Exhibition (3pm - 8pm) | Fri 25 Sep 2015
Public Exhibition (10am - 4pm) | Sat 26 Sep 2015

The A10 Junction - part of the TLRN (Transport for London Route Network)

Although this junction is a TfL controlled road, the proposals are part of the wider Cycle Enfield consultation, which is being led by Enfield Council in this consultation. In addition to the letter sent by Enfield Council, notifying residents of this consultation, TfL also issued their own letter regarding this specific junction – you can download copies of both from the ‘Document Download’ section on this webpage.

Proposed improvements for this junction are:

Southbury Road (A110)

– Left turning motor traffic would have its own traffic signals so it proceeds separately from straight ahead cyclists to reduce risk of vehicle/cycle collisions
– Upgrade eastern arm pedestrian/cycle crossing with ‘countdown’ facilities which indicate time available to safely cross
– Provide dropped kerbs to connect cyclists with existing two-way north-south off-carriageway A10 cycle route, using existing shared space footway
– Pedestrian/cycle crossings north-south reduced from four to three arms with ‘countdown’ facilities which indicate time available to safely cross


Great Cambridge Road (A10)

– A10 lane configurations remain unchanged from existing (except removal of the left turn slip roads), with no reduction in traffic lanes
 -Pedestrian crossings east-west reduced from four to two arms with ‘countdown’ facilities which indicate time available to safely cross
– Remove northbound and southbound left turn slip to enable footway widening, reduce risk of conflict between motorists and cyclists, and provide public space improvements
– Uncontrolled pedestrian crossing. Cycle track to be level with footway with buff tactile paving

Bus stop design

This drawing is intended to illustrate how bus stops would look as part of these proposals.



20150902_Bus Images

This illustration is applicable to all Cycle Enfield bus stop designs for each individual scheme.

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