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4 Oct 2018   ·   News

Celebrating International Car Free Day

Cycle Enfield started early on the run up to Car Free Day which was held on Saturday 22 September.

On Thursday 20 September we supplied two of our STARS Gold accredited primary schools with a Dr Bike. Students, parents and carers from Grange Park and George Spicer Primary brought their bikes in to be serviced in preparation for the big day.

Then on Friday 21 September we held Dr Bike Events at Enfield Civic Centre, Charles Babbage House and The Edmonton Centre whilst rewarding anyone who cycled into work with a delicious pastry from Holtwhites Bakery. Come Saturday we supported two of the many play street events that were held across the borough with a Dr Bike session, both Granville and Burlington Road had the chance to get their bikes looked at by our fantastic Cycle Confident mechanics. We would love to hear how you celebrated International Car Free Day and look forward to next year!