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Route Map

Route Map

Enfield Council are building a new network of cycle routes. The network will mainly consist of two types of routes.

Route Types

In addition to these new routes, a range of ‘traffic quieting’ techniques will be used in residential areas, so that as many people as possible can access the cycle routes safely from their front door.

The map below shows all planned and existing cycle routes in Enfield. Each of the planned routes will be designed over the next three to five years.

Please note that all the proposed routes shown on this map are subject to change. Alternative routes may be chosen at the design stage. Residents and businesses along the proposed routes will be consulted as the plans progress and more information will be available on this website.

Your views are very important to us. Please visit the ‘Have your Say’ pages of this website to find out which routes are currently being consulted on.

Route Map

  • Proposed
  • Under Construction
  • On Road
  • Segregated Cycle Track
  • Off Road Cycle Track
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