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Clem – Inclusive Cycling

I cycled in the 60’s a very long time ago, although I didn’t need to cycle because it was so cheap then.  It used to be six pence for the bus. There is no need to have a car you. Cycling here has helped me with exercise, coming here is a great thing you get to meet people, see animals; dogs.  I enjoy coming. The only time I don’t like to come is when it’s really raining and it’s really wet.  If they say it’s going to rain I still come because I think surely it can’t be raining all the time and once it’s stopped I can carry on. There’s got to be a break in the rain at some point.

  • Clem

  • Clem
    I have early dementia. I do ten laps.

    Cycling in the borough is nice and not so nice.  I see the public don’t like cyclists, I don’t know why they don’t like to give way to the cyclists.  I could still cycle on the road if i wanted to but there are too much buses and cars on the road.

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