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I cycle from Pinner, which takes about an hour depending on the weather and which day it is.  Traffic’s much better on Fridays!

As a youngster I cycled because it was quicker than the bus.  When I moved to London I had a car but found it quicker to cycle and just occasionally hire a car.  You don’t pay tax, MOT, insurance and parking fees when you cycle so it’s a cheap way to get around. Plus I don’t get stuck in traffic and I can get guaranteed regular exercise. 



I’m happy we’re moving forward with Cycle Enfield.  It has the potential to improve lives for everyone,  is really forward thinking and ties in with the Mayor’s new draft Transport Strategy, encouraging walking and cycling.

  • Glenn

    Asst. Director of Public Health at Enfield Council

  • Glenn
    ‘More people walking and cycling can and will make a tremendous difference to Enfield. The health benefits are undisputed; more active people means less pressure on our local NHS and Social services.‘

    The Chief Medical Officer says physical activity is a ‘miracle drug’.  Diabetes currently costs the NHS £25,000 per minute; walking and cycling are good ways of preventing this. 

    I don’t want to sound like an old codger but walking and cycling will help expand our young people’s horizons and ambitions.  I can understand parental fears but today’s children seem as if they need to be taken everywhere and have constant adult supervision.  I sometimes think this is a disaster for young people’s independence, job prospects and ambition. 

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