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Stephanie of Southbury

Getting fit was one of the reasons I decided to start cycling again, saving money and time was also an incentive.  I cycle from Caterhatch Lane to Southgate five days a week.

I had surgery on my foot and since I’ve started cycling my foot has been a lot better.  My surgeon has commented that there is a lot more movement now.


We had bikes as kids, I learnt to cycle then.   I had never thought to commute via bike, I really thought of cycling as a leisure activity, something to do at the weekend.

  • Stephanie

  • Stephanie

    Now I use my bike to get to work, I also use the bike to go shopping at the supermarket.  I challenged myself to see how much I could carry on my bike, I had two massive bags and I was still able to cycle. I’ve found new ways to get to work, which is in Southgate.  I’ve been doing a lot of hills, it’s a lot quicker to get to work than to take the bus.  

    There are some areas in Enfield that are really green and beautiful. I’d really like more cycling routes and lanes, currently in Enfield there are not that many.  We’d also like more space to cycle on the roads.  Since I had the training that comes with loaning a bike I now believe that I have the right to be on the road.  There are a few girls at work who have a similar mind set and are also considering cycling. 

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