Due to the current UK Government restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus, cycle maintenance courses, Dr Bike, events and group rides have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. Cycle Skills training has recommenced. Sign up to the Cycle Enfield newsletter for updates on activities and see more information here. Our team is contactable at cycle@enfield.gov.uk or via Facebook or Twitter.

Take care of yourselves during this challenging time.


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Priscilla of Southbury's Story

Priscilla of Southbury

“ Cycling is relaxing, its like meditating for me. ”


I went to Halfords to buy a bike, it was a horrible experience and I didn’t end up getting a bike, it was so bad I decided to just leave it. The staff there did not help me to find what I needed.  Then I found out about the £10 cycle loan scheme via the local council magazine; Our Enfield.

We were flicking through it.  We went on the site and decided to try out the scheme and it was really good. We couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was, we were picking up our bikes a couple of days later.

“ My children are adults so now I am the only one that needs to get taken to places! ”

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A bit of background

I think it is a great idea for people who don’t know much about cycling, the people at the cycle scheme helped me with all the things I really needed and provided training too. The scheme helps people who can’t afford to buy a bike straight away, and those people who want to see if riding a bike works out for them. Its great not being stuck on a bus, I had to get on one recently and it was really horrible, there was so much traffic. I cant believe there is so much traffic on Enfield’s roads. Since having the bike, I cycle from Carterhatch Lane to Bush Hill Park to get to work.