Due to the current UK Government restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus, cycle maintenance courses, Dr Bike, events and group rides have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. Cycle Skills training has recommenced. Sign up to the Cycle Enfield newsletter for updates on activities and see more information here. Our team is contactable at cycle@enfield.gov.uk or via Facebook or Twitter.

Take care of yourselves during this challenging time.


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Tony Taylor- Kelvin Hughes LTD's Story

Tony Taylor- Kelvin Hughes LTD

“ Four years ago I was 19 and ½ stone and I was killing myself. I took up cycling three and a half years ago. Since then I've lost 3 stone. ”

I cycle from South Ockendon, Thurrock to Mollison Avenue. 30 miles each way.

I’ve been with the business for 38 years. Four years ago I was 19 and ½ stone and I was killing myself. I took up cycling three and a half years ago. Since then I’ve lost 3 stone, I am off the blood pressure tablets and I am off the statins. Encouraging people to cycle is a good thing on a number of levels; it gets people moving and congestion decreases. I don’t want to sound epiphanic because I cycle for me!

On my way to work I cycle through different terrains; cross country and towns. The first two miles of my journey through Enfield Town frightens the life out of me. One of my reasons for cycling is because of the commute home, especially in the summer. I don’t enjoy being stuck in traffic. The record has been five hours! So cycling really has its advantages.

“ I'm inspired to cycle because my wife is ridiculously fit and I like to be able to keep up with her. ”

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Cycling is goof for business at Kelvin Hughes LTD; I’ve created a Strava club (a website that tracks athletic activity) and there’s some good healthy competition amongst staff. Its keeps us motivated and its a way to track progress and monitor each other.

At the moment cycling in Enfield is petrifying; there is a lot of road congestion round here. There are HGV’s and lorries in an infrastructure that is not designed for this type of traffic. I tried cycling via Innova Park, with the parked lorries and I was dicing death. I think you have such a wide variety of transport going through there.