Due to the current UK Government restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus, cycle maintenance courses, Dr Bike, events and group rides have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. Cycle Skills training has recommenced. Sign up to the Cycle Enfield newsletter for updates on activities and see more information here. Our team is contactable at cycle@enfield.gov.uk or via Facebook or Twitter.

Take care of yourselves during this challenging time.


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Sulaymann of Enfield Council's Story

Sulaymann of Enfield Council

“ I’m new to cycling to work and have now been commuting from Plaistow to Enfield Town for two weeks! ”

I’m new to cycling to work and have now been commuting from Plaistow to Enfield Town for two weeks! It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes and is 14 miles one way, mostly flat! I’m still working out a route that suits me and this week have been trying a few new ways. I decided to start cycling to work as I have recently moved house and it takes longer to get to work using the tube and overground than it does to cycle. Getting into cycling to work hasn’t been too challenging as I do a lot of physical activity anyway. I have found that I am eating much more, as I’m burning it all off by cycling!

“ Commuting to work by bike means that you could literally be cycling to the worst job on the planet, but still have a nice time getting there. It’s a simple pleasure. ”

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I love that when I’m cycling my surroundings change instead of staying static on a train. I also like that I can get to work and do fitness at the same time. I don’t do cardio at the gym and I don’t enjoy running as it’s quite intensive on my knees, so cycling has been good for me in that way and I am loving it. I used to ride to work when I was younger so I am confident in navigating roads and junctions. Getting back into cycling to work, I started off with a smaller ride and built my way up to cycling the whole way which I think is a good approach for anyone wanting to start.

This story is part of our Cycle to Work Day 2019 Story Series featuring Enfield Council staff who commute to work by cycling. Cycle to Work Day is held this year on August 8.